Most Reverend Rima Tamaiparea-Puki

Archbishop of Oceania

Most Reverend David Leet

Bishop in Brisbane, Australia

Most Eminent Reverend Ian Adrian

Retired Patriarch of the Church, Brisbane

Very Reverend Brenden Humberdross

United Old Catholic Church, Brisbane

Most Eminent Reverend Francis Bugge

Australian Church of Antioch, Melbourne

Most Reverend Leonie Newman

Most Reverend Glenn Clark


Most Reverend Gabrielle Crofts

Bishop in Perth, Australia

Most Reverend Paul Zimmerman

Retired Bishop in Adelaide, Australia

Most Reverend Raymond McIntyre

Bishop in New Zealand

Right Reverend Don Fraser

United Ecumenical Catholic Church, Kaitaia

Venerable Antonia Bencetti

Venerable David Muir
Very Reverend Melchior Pryor

Very Reverend Allister Kelley

Very Reverend Kahira Rau

Reverend Rob McKay

Reverend Robert Scott (on loan)

Reverend Dr Dominic Fletcher (Melbourne)


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