What Are We About?


"My job as a priest is to attract people to the the Community of Faith, not the Institutional Church..." —Fr Bob Scott

The Reformed Old Catholic Church, whilst established recently, has, through its Bishops, an ancient connection to the Divine in the lines of Apostolic Succession and is continued to the present day.

Jesus imparted to the apostles, His authority by the laying on of hands in an unbroken succession. Following in the established tradition, the apostles in turn passed that on to the Bishops (the successors of the apostles) in obedience to the command of our Lord (Mt 28:19).

In a world of uncertainty, so-called christian organisations labelled as a 'Church' are popping up with alarming veracity, with the Faithful pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into these institutions all the while preaching contrary to the Word. What is perplexing and no one seems to be asking is: 'where do these organisations get their authority and who gave it to them?' ​This is why Apostolic Succession is important to us. Our mission is to further the work of Christ without obstacles or interventions. May God help us to fulfill that with integrity - in spirit and in truth.

For further reading on Who We Are? you may wish to purchase the booklet that explains our Faith simply: "What's The DifferenceA Simple Explanation." from Church Publishing.