"My job as a priest is to attract people to the the Community of Faith, not the Institutional Church..." - Fr Bob Scott

Who are we? The Reformed Old Catholic Church, whilst formed relatively recently, has, through its Bishops, an ancient connection to the Divine in the lines of Apostolic Succession.

This means, Jesus gave His authority to the apostles by the laying on of hands. They in turn passed that on to the Bishops (the successors of the apostles) who have continued that succession to the present day.

This all sounds simple, but, is more complex than appears. It is assumed that the one who is chosen to be bishop received the Faith, will teach the Faith and continue to pass that Faith on to the generations to come—just as the Apostles received it from Christ. Not an easy task!

Any person can claim to be a leader in the Church and begin their own ministry. The question is: 'Where did they get their authority and who gave it to them?' For further reading on Who We Are? Please go to our main page or click the booklet 'What's the Difference?' — A Simple Explanation. 

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