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Sacred Heart of Jesus Seminary
with The Rector

Very Reverend Dr. Timothy McMahon OSFS

Introductory Principles

1. The Seminary is organised as a centre for the training of candidates for the priesthood. The sole motive of its foundation and purpose of its functioning is to preserve that priesthood, not only with regard to the validity of Holy Orders, but also with regard to the orthodoxy and proper training of Catholic priests. The need for such a seminary is dictated by the doctrinal, liturgical, and disciplinary devastation which has been wrought in countless souls as a direct result of hierarchical abuse of sacred authority.

2. The Seminary provides an on-line, distance learning study programme. Whilst the practical training is learned in the local parishes.

Doctrinal Principles

3. The Seminary professes and adheres to everything which is contained in divine revelation, whether written or handed down, and which has been proposed by the Church as having been revealed by God either by her solemn judgement or by her leaders in the College of Bishops.

​4. The Seminary adheres to the teaching that the Church of Christ is not exclusively identified with the Catholic Church, but merely subsists in it.

​5. The Seminary adheres to the ancient teaching concerning collegiality of the Bishops. The supreme authority of the Church is Jesus Christ, her Lord.

Liturgical Principles

6. The Seminary adheres to the liturgy of both the eastern and western traditions as a full reflection of the people of God, in their worship and devotion to the Most High.

​7. Consequently the Seminary rejects those uses of liturgies which detract from Christ and focus primarily on the preacher, or musical band.

Disciplinary Principles

8. The Seminary adheres to the Canons of the Reformed Old Catholic Church (2014).

Goals and Outlook

9. The Seminary's immediate goal is to train priests.

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