Questions & Answers

1. Are you in Communion with any of the the following Churches: Roman Catholic, or the Anglican Communion? Although our Canons promote a Communion with all Christians - legally, we are not.
2. Will I receive a stipend or wage from the Church?
Each congregation is autonomous in its decision to employ a member of the clergy. If the congregational council is established and they have the means to provide a stipend or wage, then yes. As a whole, the Church does not provide either.
3. Will I get help with the cost of vestments ?
Usually newly ordained clergy have family or friends to assist them with these costs. Fellow clergy may make a contribution but this should not be an expectation.
4. Will I receive start up funds to build a parish? 
Not from the Church. Other parishes may contribute if the congregation council is agreed.
5. Are Priests permitted to be married?
Providing the spouse agrees to marriage, then yes.
6. Does the Church ordain women?
Providing they are well recommended and fulfil all the requirements, then yes.
7. How do I begin studies for the priesthood?  
The Church offers an online open and distance learning programme through the Seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Practical aspects such as altar training are taught at your local parish.
8. I live abroad. Can the Church help me to immigrate or claim asylum?
For legal reasons we are obliged to say, no. Otherwise we would be bombarded with endless applications. Please check the regulations of the country of choice regarding these matters.

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